The influence of ETF influencers

You may not think TikTok influencers and ETFs have much in common, but there you’d be wrong. As the role of influencers on TikTok, Instagram etc. explodes, it’s only a matter of time before the broader ETF industry starts to figure out how to tap into the marketing potential of social media and how leveraging influencers becomes part of the core playbook for ETF marketing teams.

Millennials, the sweet spot for ETFs

Millennials investing in ETFs

A new report of Charles Schwab advocates the take up of ETFs as the investment vehicle of choice from the tech savvy generations. Whilst this report was US focused, its findings very much mirror what BlackRock published earlier in the summer about the European ETF landscape. Younger people like ETFs, simple.

Are there too many funds now available?

About 4,300 funds and ETFs alone have been launched in the US in the past decade, bringing the total to more than 10,000. In China the number of funds has doubled, reaching 10,576 at the end of last year. Judging by the pace of products that are being launched, have we reached a saturation point? Do investors really need more funds to achieve their objectives?

Should India be on everyone’s radar?

Whilst many U.S. and European asset managers have pinned their long-term growth prospects in Asia on the Chinese market, is it India where the real opportunity lies?

A casualty on the ETF battlefield


UniCredit liquidated its two remaining ETFs showing just how hard it is to succeed in certain markets. Australia reported positive ETF flows for October and is quietly catching up to Europe and America.

ETFs are too big to ignore

ETF Stream put on a fantastic event last week which kicked off with a keynote from Arnaud Llinas of Amundi, who aptly quoted, “passives have not become too big but they are too big to ignore”.

Gold ETFs shine again after a rough 2021

Gold ETF products are seeing significant inflows as markets gyrate amid inflation concerns and rising geopolitical risks. And we are back to a long list of fund launches last week after a quiet start to the year.

Janus enters active ETF ESG space

Janus Henderson is launching five actively managed ETFs that integrate sustainable investing criteria. And State Street acquires BBH’s investor services business while Morningstar buys London based Moorgate Benchmarks.