Whoever said crypto is boring?

crypto by blackwater

There’s never a dull moment in the world of crypto and this story has been 10 years in the making since the first filing of a Bitcoin ETF. There was a court case, a hacked social media account, a frenzy of anticipation, but finally it came with news coming through last week that the SEC had approved all 11 Bitcoin ETF applications. But, what happens next?

Bitcoin or Bust

Bitcoin or Bust by Blackwater

SEC approval of a Bitcoin is likely to have a positive impact for sure, but is it really going to cause the underlying price to skyrocket? For those who forget, Bitcoin ETFs already exist in a number of countries so a Bitcoin ETF is not exactly new.

How to guide to enter the European ETF market

Blackwater etf and digital assets newsletter

Blackwater has produced a new ebook on How to Enter the European ETF market. Normally this info would form part of Blackwater’s consulting services, but we are giving it out for free to anyone who is interested in entering the space.

How to achieve success in the ETF game


God loves a trier and so we are back with a new Podcast: ETF SUCCESS STORIES. The first episode is out now featuring the Co-Founders of BondBloxx and it’s pretty cool if you ask us. Getting the inside story of what it takes to succeed in the ETF industry should spark the interest of everyone, so we hope you take the time to check it out. Plus, lots of great more interviews to come.

ETFS: ‘Some asset managers might be smoking crack’


ACTIVE, ACTIVE , ACTIVE, that’s all we hear about now as if it’s like some sort of new found discovery. Correct us if we are wrong, but the ETF industry has been advocating passive investing since the beginning of time claiming ‘you can’t beat the market’, ‘active management doesn’t work’, blah blah blah.

Millennials, the sweet spot for ETFs

Millennials investing in ETFs

A new report of Charles Schwab advocates the take up of ETFs as the investment vehicle of choice from the tech savvy generations. Whilst this report was US focused, its findings very much mirror what BlackRock published earlier in the summer about the European ETF landscape. Younger people like ETFs, simple.

The Rocky Balboa of the ETF industry

Everyone has seen the Rocky movie, we assume, right? Rocky, the underdog fighting the incumbent and winning in the end. It’s a great story. Well, looks like we have a Rocky story in ETFs and it’s called Betashares. Set up in 2099 by Alex Vynokur, an Ukrainian national who emigrated to Australia.

DWS are back baby

2022 was a tough year for the DWS ETF business in Europe with flows really languishing vs the competition and many wondering what was going on. They were on a bad run. BUT now they are back and back with a bang.

Willie Wonka and ESG

What started out as something so promising has quickly turned into a bit of a car crash, it seems. We are now at the stage where firms are actually avoiding using the term ESG altogether.
It reminds us a bit like the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where one of the kids eats so much candy that she ends up exploding. Similarly, so many ETF asset managers jumped on the ESG bandwagon and the green washing became so prevalent, that they ended up in a similar situation to poor Violet.