More regulatory reviews of index providers

A regulatory review of index providers by the U.S. SEC seems to have jumped the pond.
Now the IOSCO has launched a consultation looking into the relationship between European asset managers and index providers in an effort to uncover possible conflicts of interest.

Axxion enters the European ETF market

New ETF European entrant

Markets may be volatile, but firms are still taking advantage of introducing new products via the superior ETF wrapper. And ESMA takes a crack at stock market outages with a new proposal.

New ETF entrants keep pouring in

There is no slowing down in Q4 as firms like Fineco in Europe continue their ETF expansion and a slew of new issuers enter the US ETF market. 

ETF distribution in becoming laser focused

ETF issuers in Europe are no longer launching new products in every European market and are becoming more targeted on where to be most successful, according to a PwC report.

Alliance Bernstein finally arrives


A laundry list of ETF launches in the United States including long awaited entrant, Alliance Bernstein. And in Europe, the Central Bank of Ireland will review daily disclosure requirements which could fare well for active ETFs.

Competition in the Metaverse space heats up

Trifecta of Metaverse ETF launches in Europe alongside a slew of other thematic products. And in the U.S., Vanguard’s ETF assets are nipping at the heels of rival BlackRock. 

Axa breaks into Europe

In the world of ETFs, we have three new entrants to welcome – AXA Investment Managers and Fineco Asset Management in Europe and NEOS in the States.

Yet Another Thematics Opinion Report

A recent report from Investors Chronicle is certainly not favourable on thematic ETFs. A slew of new ETF products in Europe and a slow week in the U.S.