Global ETFs to hit $50 trn in 2 years

JP Morgan recently predicted ETFs in the US will double within the next five years, reaching $15trn, BBH thinks global ETFs will hit $30trn in a decade, PWC reckons global ETFs will hit $15trn by 2027 and on and on it goes. The truth is none of us have a clue really, hence our headline is a big tongue in cheek.

Janus enters active ETF ESG space

Janus Henderson is launching five actively managed ETFs that integrate sustainable investing criteria. And State Street acquires BBH’s investor services business while Morningstar buys London based Moorgate Benchmarks. 

State Street to create a digital currency platform

Although a short week, there was certainly no lack of major ETF news. In Europe, it was impossible to miss the headlines of Amundi’s announcement to acquire Lyxor’s asset management arm – no shocker there. And globally, State Street announced a partnership with Pure Digital to create a digital currency platform.