Elon Musk might launch an ETF business

This week we saw a number of ETF managers break through various AUM milestones which is obviously good news for them and a sign the industry is motoring. And it got me thinking, what could Elon achieve if he launched his own ETF business?

This donkey may be the key to ETF growth

We have rescued a donkey called Moolah and taught it everything about ETFs. Yes, it’s a donkey that can talk the language of ETFs (amazing, right?) and now it’s on a mission to share what it knows with the average Joe on the street.

How to achieve success in the ETF game


God loves a trier and so we are back with a new Podcast: ETF SUCCESS STORIES. The first episode is out now featuring the Co-Founders of BondBloxx and it’s pretty cool if you ask us. Getting the inside story of what it takes to succeed in the ETF industry should spark the interest of everyone, so we hope you take the time to check it out. Plus, lots of great more interviews to come.

Willie Wonka and ESG

What started out as something so promising has quickly turned into a bit of a car crash, it seems. We are now at the stage where firms are actually avoiding using the term ESG altogether.
It reminds us a bit like the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where one of the kids eats so much candy that she ends up exploding. Similarly, so many ETF asset managers jumped on the ESG bandwagon and the green washing became so prevalent, that they ended up in a similar situation to poor Violet.

COVID spurred positive changes in ETF Distribution model

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the ETF distribution model, resulting in positive changes that have enhanced client engagement, prompted digital investment and forced sales teams to adapt to evolving client demands, according to a report recently published.

Time to get wise to using technology and data

For most people within ETF land right now, leveraging technology extends about as far as to using a CRM tool. But with the advent of AI, times are changing and folks are going to have to start tooling up if they want to stay relevant.