Can the Boutique ETF manager swim with the sharks?


There is no doubt that this has been the year of Fixed Income so far. Record inflows ytd, BlackRock calling this a “once in a generation” opportunity in the fixed income space”. But, what about those boutique ETF managers who only focus on say Thematic products or equity exposure to a particular market?

Who would like to be a mutual fund manager CEO right now?

It has been forecasted that assets managed by model portfolios will surge to $10 trillion (€9.1 trillion) over the next five years and PWCs predicts that one in six global asset managers will ‘fall to the wayside’ by 2027.

US Bitcoin ETF application frenzy reminds us of Jaws

It has been wild since BlackRock submitted its application for a Bitcoin ETF. Seemingly, BlackRock received some pushback from the SEC, but crucially the SEC issued guidance around what they have a problem with which has not led to a bunch of managers revising their filing and resubmitting.

ETF managers are nothing if an opportunistic bunch

ETFs bounced back this October

Following last week’s news that BlackRock had filed for a Spot ETF in the US there has been a scurry of activity from other managers following in their tracks all hoping to join the party on BlackRock’s coat tails.

The “star portfolio manager” syndrome is taking over ETFs


Very interesting to see Blackrock launch an Active Fixed Income ETF for star portfolio manager Rick Rieder.
This was no doubt a response to the run-away success that JP Morgan has had with the JPMorgan Equity Premium Income Active ETF (now at $25.9bn AUM) managed by one of their star portfolio managers, Hamilton Reiner. The active manager battle within ETF is now well and truly on.

New investors to accelerate growth in European ETF market

A new report predicts a wave of ETF adoption from the next generation of European investors. According to the Blackrock’s report, ETF investors are getting younger, as 18–34-year-olds replace 35+ age group as dominant cohort. The number of European ETF investors projected to grow by 32% in the next 12 months. Iberia is expected to grow the most and Germany could deliver 2 million new ETF investors.

Competition in the Metaverse space heats up

Trifecta of Metaverse ETF launches in Europe alongside a slew of other thematic products. And in the U.S., Vanguard’s ETF assets are nipping at the heels of rival BlackRock.