Bitcoin or Bust

Bitcoin or Bust by Blackwater

SEC approval of a Bitcoin is likely to have a positive impact for sure, but is it really going to cause the underlying price to skyrocket? For those who forget, Bitcoin ETFs already exist in a number of countries so a Bitcoin ETF is not exactly new.

Back to school time

Coming back after the summer break always reminds us of the return to school, those dreaded back to school adverts, buying school uniforms and getting new books for the year ahead. Yuck

For those of you shuffling back into the office you missed out on last week’s big news. Grayscale gave the SEC a bloody nose and the price of Bitcoin took a jump as a result. High drama indeed. Who said summer was always a quiet time.

Can crypto ETPs make a comeback?

Crypto ETPs are having a tough run of it. There is an oversupply of some products e.g. Bitcoin ETPs, flows are weak, the SEC is proving stubborn in their stance and the market is blighted with bad actors. So, not really that surprising to see 21Shares close a couple of funds this week. We are sure others will follow.

Invesco and Fidelity bitcoin products struggle against smaller rivals

Invesco and Fidelity International are seeing slower crypto sales than some smaller rivals, as experts warn that brand is “not a guarantee to success”.
Invesco, with $1.5btn (€1.47tn) in assets under management, launched the Physical Bitcoin exchange traded product in November last year, making it one of the first large traditional asset managers to offer investors access to the controversial cryptocurrency market.

Invesco to enter Bitcoin ETF space

Invesco has officially filed two bitcoin ETFs and State Street has created their own digital assets team and hinted at possible crypto ETFs in the future. And the Amundi and Lyxor deal is ahead of schedule.