The global ETF market has grown to over $8 trillion in just over 25 years for which the European market now accounts for $1 trillion.

2020 was a historical year for inflows and new entrants to the market. 

Why Does This Matter?

Double-digit growth in the European ETF market is likely to be the ‘new norm’ going forward.


Simply put, to remain competitive, every asset manager will need to have some form of ETF strategy going forward. Don't be left behind. 


However, entering the ETF business can be costly, time consuming and complex. Lots of firms have tried to launch an ETF business in Europe but have failed as they underestimated the time commitment, misunderstood the complexity of the European market and simply had the wrong plan.


That’s why having the right advice matters.

How it works

Having built ETF businesses in Europe at three different firms - Credit Suisse, HSBC and JP Morgan, we are well equipped to help firms avoid the many pitfalls. Our service is fully bespoke and covers:

Mapping the ETF landscape

Choosing a domicile

Support the Product Development process

Building a team – how many people do you need, what are the key roles

How best to enter the market - buy, build or white label

Due diligence on selecting Service Providers – Asset Servicing, Legal Counsel, Management Co.

Distribution planning

As well as advising on the above, we are able to make introductions with 3rd party industry participants right across the industry:



Legal Counsel

Authorised Participants

Market Makers


Management Companies

Distribution Partners

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