How it works

Client Debrief and Value Proposition


To us, this is the most critical piece of the search process. Through discussions with the client we co-develop a detailed brief about the role, its specific challenges, growth possibilities and critical success factors. This composite information helps us effectively identify the best candidates and present the opportunity to them.

Candidate Sourcing


We conduct a thorough search of the market drawing from a deep pool of diverse candidates, engaging with 40+ candidates through multiple touch points. We spend 3+ hours engaging with our short list candidates, to gather a comprehensive and objective view of their suitability for the role. Where appropriate, the interview includes specific questions that clients may want answered. 

Candidate Coaching


Shortlisted candidates are coached and fully supported through the interview process to ensure they are fully prepared.



Once the client has made a final choice, we work with the hiring manager, HR team and the selected candidate to complete other formalities as may be required and support the candidate until s/he joins. This includes addressing questions about the offer, compensation, start date and policies as well as coaching the candidate on goal setting and objectives once they start the role.

In total we follow a rigorous 10 step process to ensure that only the very best candidates are presented to our clients.

We provide a unique guarantee for our search services. In the unlikely event the candidate leaves the role within four months, we will return the engagement fee or undertake a replacement search at no additional cost.

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